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Eyekon HR has a proven track record reflecting over 20 years’ experience working with a range of organisations, from start-up businesses to small, medium enterprises through to global blue chip organisations. We are committed to delivering a professional cost effective solution to organisations and confident that we can add value to your business through our human resources services.

Examples from our client case studies:

Restructuring Pay and Benefits

Company wanting to expand and launch new initiatives were struggling to control their pay bill which was preventing their expansion of services.

By consolidating allowances and increasing base pay, the client was able to attract and retain high quality staff and save 8% on their pay bill.

Absence Management

High Absenteeism levels were causing significant problems in the organisation, affecting staff morale and increasing costs to cover staff absences.

Eyekon HR designed and implemented an Absence Policy which identified clear procedures to be followed; regular statistics on sickness absence were provided, together with training for managers on how to conduct return to work interviews  resulted in a 30% reduction in absenteeism.

Managing Change

Company entrenched in the past were failing to deliver on their service level agreement as it meant addressing years of under-performance by a few staff and previous attempts had failed.

Worked with the senior management team Eyekon HR devised a clear business plan for Board approval; handled protracted union negotiations, coached the management team through a series of extremely difficult meetings to achieve the desired outcome and enable the company to successfully deliver on their contract .

Key Skills Training

Small startup business experiencing problems in attracting and retaining high quality staff.

Eyekon HR ran workshops with managers to help them identify the key skills they were looking for, trained them in recruitment techniques which resulted in more targeted, successful recruitment campaigns and helped managers develop a greater understanding of both their own role and their new team members.


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