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We believe the most effective way to provide you with the level of service you require is to understand your business challenges, then we can determine how to help you get the best from your people, avoid costly mistakes and, ultimately, have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Eyekon Consultants HR services can:

Carry out HR Health Checks

  • we can review your policies and procedures and design ones to meet your business needs and comply with your statutory obligations thereby reducing the risk to financial claims;
  • make recommendations for improvements for example absence management; running short training sessions to help managers manage sickness, which will significantly improve attendance.

Design an HR Strategy

  • by looking at your business plans we can work with you to identify current and future human resource needs to enable you to achieve your business goals;
  • we can work with to understand how your business is structured, whether you have the right people, with the right skills doing the roles you need them to do. We can advise on how to manage changes effectively, help you to restructure your organisation to meet your business needs and avoid legal claims.

Employee Engagement

  • employees who understand what is expected from them and feel valued by the organisation are more likely to remain loyal and ‘go the extra mile’; we can develop low cost options to improve employee engagement which will have a positive impact on productivity;
  • we can create a recruitment and selection strategy to attract high quality candidates and design a retention strategy to retain key employees.

Design Performance Management Programmes

  • we can train managers how to conduct effective staff appraisals to get the best from employees;
  • coach or manage more complex performance cases reducing the risk and stress for both employer and employee.

Auto Enrolment

  • changes in legislation mean all businesses have to provide a workplace pension; we can conduct a review of your current pension provision and make recommendations to ensure compliance with auto enrolment requirements thereby avoiding financial penalties.

Eyekon HR offers cost-effective solutions in the specialist areas of managing change, organisation design, management  training with experience of working in a variety of sectors. Contact us for an initial discussion.

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