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debt collection

Credit Management

We offer the facility of looking after your Sales Ledger and Credit Control function or assisting your staff where necessary. We can operate at your offices or in our own depending on your preference. This service can be carried out on a day to day basic or ad hoc giving you the flexibility to get help when you need it.

Debt Collection

The debt collection part of the business comes into play once your customers have gone over the allotted Credit Terms. If we have been involved in handling the Sales Ledger for you we will already have built up a relationship with your customer enabling a smooth process of collections, we come in at the end of Credit Control function we with look to talk and negotiate with your customer to retain your working relationship with them rather than escalating the matter unnecessarily. We look to make sure we can collect the debts with the minimum of fuss. As well as this we can offer the facility of contacting your debtors early to establish that your services/goods have been received and they are no issues allowing for you to be aware payment can be made on time.

Legal Action Debt Recovery

If Legal Action does become necessary we will take the steps to follow the correct procedures in the most cost effective way. In most cases costs can be claimed from your debtor if successful in the recovery of your debt.

Company Searches/Credit Reports

We can offer the facility of obtaining Credit Reports for both New and Old customers enabling you to make decisions in your trading processes. If you have a customer that disappears leaving a debt unpaid we can provide Company Searches to assist in tracking them down.

Creditors Meetings

We will attend Creditors meeting and look after all the administration work involved should one of your customers go into liquidation or receivership.

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